We agree with Flora, Indiana - strong customer service is essential!
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We agree with Flora, Indiana - strong customer service is essential!

Flora Indiana believes that customer service is essential for a strong product!
We agree with Flora, Indiana - strong customer service is essential!

In 1827, John and Sara Flora traveled from Virginia to settle in the area that would eventually become the Town of Flora. Located in Carroll County, the town went through a couple name changes due to the arrival of the railroad. The town started out as Fountain City but soon was changed to Ino due to another town already having that name in the state. When John Flora passed away in 1875, the town changed its name for the final time to Town of Flora and is known as “The Garden Spot of Indiana.”

Cathi Woodward has an Associate Degree in Office Administration and works for Flora as the bookkeeper. The former Clerk Treasurer was the one that brought Frey Municipal Software to the town. Several software companies were interviewed in the process along with researching what other towns utilized for their software needs. It was determined that FMS was perfect fit for the size and needs for the Town of Flora. BUCS Fund Accounting, CHIPS Payroll, and CUBIC Utility Billing were purchased. The town has been using FMS software for 4 years.

Flora is a Municipality and has a population of 2,110. The Town of Flora services their customers for electric, water, and sewage. FMS CHIPS is used for payroll. The town currently has 25 employees and uses CHIPS to process payroll. Cathi feels CHIPS is easy to navigate and very user friendly. She especially likes that each drop-down provides information on updating, posting and printing.

Cathi feels strongly that customer service is essential in every business. She feels that FMS really delivers on this key necessity. She appreciates the availability and responsiveness of the FMS support team and that the software is constantly being updated. She is grateful for resolutions to all the unforeseen issues that can come up when using any software. She tells us that Dean provides timely information and that he is familiar with the daily procedures that Cathi must contend with or manage.

Thanks for the kind words, Cathi – we are happy to have the Town of Flora as part of the FMS family.